About us

Specialist laboratory for coffee, tea and cocoa

We are your experts for fast and precise analysis and all questions concerning your coffee, tea and cocoa products. The fully continuous operation of our laboratory in Bremen enables fast results. Samples can be delivered around the clock – this high degree of accessibility also includes competent advice. As a centre of excellence for coffee, tea, cocoa, pure caffeine and water, we also examine special parameters and are able to work very cost-effectively for you due to the large number of samples from just a few product groups. We are only too happy to provide you with detailed advice and also support you in research and development projects.

Our four laboratory cornerstones


We focus on a small number of product groups, which gives us the advantage of fast results without an express surcharge. We work for you with maximum cost efficiency.

24/7 service

Our laboratory performs analyses 365 days a year allowing samples to be delivered around the clock. We make sure you receive your results on time.

High-Tech Equipment

Analyses are carried out with state-of-the-art LC-MS/MS, GC-MS/MS, HPLC, GC-FID, GC-ECD and ICP-OES systems. In addition, we have a fully equipped sensory and microbiological laboratory.


Our active involvement in  global industry, in specialist and standard networks enables us to turn first-hand information into first-class advice for the benefit of our customers.


We are here for you. Over 50 chemical laboratory technicians, chemical engineers, biologists, chemists, food chemists and a reliable administrative team take care of your samples and projects. Feel free to contact us with your request by phone or email.